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Shiv Darshan & Hasleen Aham Sharma, Tanya Malik , Ankit Raaj Sanjay Sharma, Mahesh Thakur, Karan Anand Amandeep Kaur ,Meneka Kurup Arora, Nilanjana Gupta Aru Verma ,Roshan Preet, Aditi Khanna, Shailesh Hejmady Harry , Dennis Fernandes, Shaji Chaudhary, Suyash Shukla Yash Acharya, Dhwani Gori, Dimppy Ramdyal & Rumy Khan


Rakesh Sharma, Ranju Varghese (Soni-Soni Song)


Mehmood Bakshi, Baan Rigs & Co.

Art Director

Manish Binani

Casting Director

Aakarsh Khurana

Thailand Line Producer

Good Deal Bangkok Co. Ltd VFX & Digital Grading Image devices (I) P Ltd

Publicity Designers & Printers

Himanshu & Rahul Nanda

Public Relations

Alok Mathur

Media Consultant

Q media Promotions

T.V Campaign

Kshitijworks Pooja Kashyap

On-Line Promotion

Everymedia Technologies

Chief Accountant

Bhimsen Dnyanmothe

Chartered Accountant

S.A. Mukadam & Co.

Legal Consultants

Aditya Chitale,R.K Dewan & Co.

Aide to the Producer

Vikas Singh

Assistant Directors

Kunal Kiran Mehta , Suyash Shukla, Anu Verghese

Costume Stylists

Chinar Desai, Sommy Eric Soubam




Devendra Murdeshwar

Production Managers

Manmohan Singh, Emad Pervez


Navneet Misser

International Production & Distribution Head

Sunil Shah (U.K)

Executive Producer


Additional Dialogues

Spandan Mishra

Screenplay & Dialogues

Rajesh Pandey, Reshu Nath & Rahul Patel

Story By

Suneel Darshan


Rajesh Pandey


Suneel Darshan


All Songs Mixed & Mastered By Eric Pillai

Karle Pyaar Karle

Meet Bros Anjann ---Composers
Kumaar/ SuneelDarshan --- Lyrics
Benny Dayal,Palak Muchhal & Monali Thakur --- Singers
Bunty Rajput --- Programmer


Rayyan Ameen &  Suneel Darshan ---  Composers
Mehmood Arfat, Rashid Khan & Suneel Darshan --- Lyrics
Arijit Singh, Rayyan  &  Amnah Noor --- Singers
Jacky V.--- Programmer

Teri Saanson Mein

Rashid Khan & Suneel Darshan ---  Composers
Rashid Khan/Suneel Darshan --- Lyrics
Arijit Singh, Palak Muchhal& Amit Mishra --- Singers
Jacky V. --- Programmer


Rashid Khan & Suneel Darshan ---  Composers
Rashid Khan/Suneel Darshan --- Lyrics
Arijit Singh, Palak Muchhal& Amit Mishra --- Singers
Jacky V.--- Programmer

O Darling

Prashant Singh ---  Composers
Shakeel Azmi/ Suneel Darshan --- Lyrics
Amit Mishra/Shasha Tirupati --- Singers
Eddie T Avil & Amit Rathod--- Programmer


Mumzy Stranger ---  Composers
Suneel Darshan/ Mumzy Stranger --- Lyrics
Natasha Tah & Mumzy Stranger --- Singers
Jacky V. --- Programmer

SoniSoni Akkha Nu

Rayyan Ameen& Suneel Darshan --- Composers
Yusuf Khan,Paras Chaurasia & Suneel Darshan --- Lyrics
Rayyan /Tamara --- Singers
Jacky V. --- Programmer

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Karle Pyaar Karle is an adrenaline gushing, action packed, edgy love story of two rebels, Kabir & Preet, playing the game of life.

The unstable environment within their homes manifests into their daring attitude towards life. Right from their childhood Kabir and Preet indulged in playing borderline dangerous games trying to defy the fear and complexes within. In a desperate moment, eight year old Kabir indulged in an act that lead him to the doors of a juvenile home… In a bid to protect Kabir, his mother decided to leave town to escape the harsh punishment. After travelling from one city to another for 12 years, the family returns to their home town where Kabir and Preet reconnect..... beginning a mad chapter of dares, games and fun.

The film is a journey of their unbridled games as they discover themselves and the essence of romance. Problems rear up as though it was their destiny…. Preet started believing that they are ill fated and it’s best they should stay away. Kabir firmly believed that only if they are together, will they survive. Preet willingly tore herself apart from Kabir leading them to a point of no return.

They love to dare........ But will they dare to love?